17 sofas for children: an ideal piece for the enjoyment of the little ones

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17 sofas for children: an ideal piece for the enjoyment of the little ones

17 sofas for children: an ideal piece for the enjoyment of the little ones

Poufs, sofas and armchairs have become one of the ideal and recommended pieces for children from 2 years old. Their own armchair to read, paint, draw, watch television with their parents is all true, since it is a way for them to feel independent and older, as well as very comfortable.

The designs are very varied. One of the trends on the rise is modular sofas that can be converted into beds, hammocks or simply geometric pieces to play with as constructions, but made of foam. Padded models so that children cannot hurt themselves with them as they do not have hard or heavy parts. Check out more interesting only at our FUN Blog.

The cutest proposals, which are also ideal for decoration, are the one-piece armchairs with backrests and armrests, available in different fabrics, prints, your favorite characters and even personalized with your name. Pretty pieces for the little ones to have their corner.

So fun sofa made up of six foam pieces covered by an extra-soft cover in the color of your choice.

  • Four squares and two triangles with infinite possibilities. A modular model to build whatever you imagine. Available in different colors. Its price is 299 euros.
  • White Shell-Shaped Sofa from Maisons Du Monde. Its price is 49.99 euros.
  • Gray Padded Modular Cotton Sofa from Sklum. Its price is 199.95 euros.
  • The Lion King sofa filled with soft foam, with a cover, thanks to a removable zipper from Amazon. Its price is 54.35 euros.
  • Customizable Light Gray Marl Foam Baby Armchair from Vertbaudet. Its price is 47.39 euros.
  • Removable Frozen sofa, a 2-in-1 inflatable model and children’s lounger ideal for the Amazon nap day. Its price is 29.90 euros.
  • Star print armchair from My stuffed animal. Its price is 30.25 euros.
  • Children’s armchair in ecru, pink and mustard yellow terry cloth from Maisons Du Monde. Its price is 69.99 euros.
  • Red convertible foam sofa by Chicco for children from 12 months, with 3 different configurations to enjoy every moment of relaxation: seat, sofa and chaise longue. Its price is 59 euros.
  • Miliboo Nordic style armchair. Conceived in wood with a polyester covering, this armchair is very soft to the touch and is very easy to clean. Its price is 123.19 euros.
  • Plush sofas from Maisons Du Monde. Su precio es de 49.99 euros.
  • Pale pink double-seat sofa with wooden legs and a very soft seat, which is a replica of the 2- and 3-seater models… ideal for the little ones who will also have their small comfortable living room just for them from La Redoute. Its price is 209 euros.
  • Cat-shaped sofa personalized with the name of Vertbaudet. Its price is 52.13 euros.
  • Arty pouf bed 70 x 89 (200) cm pink by Kave Home. Its price is 299 euros.
  • Personalized sofa available in different colors from Your Surprise Its price is 59.95 euros.
  • Padded armchair from Mon Lite Cabane. Its price is 89 euros.
  • Sklum backed puff . Its price is 54.95 euros.

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