7 reasons to use Instagram for your vacation rental business:

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7 reasons to use Instagram for your vacation rental business:

7 reasons to use Instagram for your vacation rental business:

Many seasonal rental companies underestimate what Instagram can bring them. Most of them have no idea of ​​the benefits they can derive from this social network.

And today, I decided to share with you 7 reasons to include Instagram in your tenant acquisition strategy (and you will see that it goes much further than just acquiring new tenants). Learn more about izdavanje stanova novi sad.

Let’s start without further ado with the first reason to use Instagram for your seasonal rental / furnished rental business:

1) Instagram is the 2nd most visited social network after Facebook:

Instagram is more than 700 million active users (2017).

As with Facebook, many people spend some time on this social network every day .

So that’s where people are for part of their day .

Hence the importance of implementing an effective strategy to reach potential tenants who use Instagram (because there are a lot of potential tenants, we’ll talk about it in more detail a little further down).

2) Instagram allows you to diversify your sources of tenant acquisition:

In seasonal rental as in any other business, you should not put all your eggs in one basket .

In this case, you should not bet everything on ad sites (whether Airbnb, Homelidays, Booking, etc.).

Because the day the sites you use decide to increase their prices or change their ad ranking algorithm (to speak only of that…), it is not guaranteed that it will be in your favor (many are the renters who have had bad surprises with certain ad sites).

By implementing tenant acquisition strategies elsewhere than on ad sites, you protect yourself against this kind of mishap.

Because you are then less dependent on ad sites . Which brings you more security, but also more reservations 😉

All good, then.

3) Instagram is a social network where users share photos:

Instagram is a purely visual social network.

It’s a social network where people love to share their vacation photos .

By being present on Instagram and using the right methods, you can therefore benefit from enormous (and free) publicity from your renters , when they share photos of their holidays with you.

Extremely powerful to be visible to potential tenants and make them want to come and stay with us.

4) Instagram allows you to identify some of the vacationers likely to come and spend a stay in the region the following season:

Instagram allows you to identify many vacationers planning to come and stay in your region or city up to a year in advance.

And by having a strategy in place that lets you interact with those potential tenants, you can attract a good chunk of them to your home next season (I talk more about that in this article ).

Interesting to fill your schedule and boost your occupancy rate.

5) Future vacationers and travelers use Instagram to explore the different destinations where to spend their holidays:

Instagram being a purely visual platform, users use it to visually explore places where they are likely to go on vacation .

And in your opinion, if at that time all these future travelers fall on you, aren’t they likely to book with you?

And if they were fascinated by your Instagram profile, aren’t they also likely to recommend you to relatives wishing to spend a holiday in the region?

Many potential renters use Instagram like they would use Google or a booking site , so don’t miss this opportunity to turn all those potential renters into renters actually coming to stay with you.

6) Travelers value the content they find on social media more than traditional travel ads:

Instagram allows you to gain credibility and inspire more trust .

This social network allows you to build a relationship with many potential tenants and gain their trust.

And in the end, a significant proportion of these potential tenants will have only one desire: book a stay with you .

And many are those who will do it with their eyes closed. Because you will have proven to them your seriousness and your benevolence.

7) 60% of travel agencies include Instagram in their marketing strategy:

There’s a reason why so many businesses that aim to attract the same customers as us include Instagram in their customer acquisition strategy.

Instagram is a source of tenants that it would be a shame to leave out .

Especially since it is not necessary to spend a lot of time on this platform to get results.

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