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DS 9, glamor produced in China for the whole world

The new DS 9 sedan is committed to a Premium design and is launched on the market with a hybrid version with the DGT “Zero” label.

DS is the premium brand of the French group PSA that is rapidly developing to compete in the market with fundamentally German rivals and is now back with the new DS 9. Know more about Lamborghini ne shitje.

The brand began with spectacular SUV designs in its DS 3 and DS 7, and is now launching a luxury saloon and representation in its search for identification with the authentic Citroën ID/DS “shark” that it marketed for more than half a century.

This new Premium DS 9 sedan is also being launched in an “E-Tense” hybrid version based on the  Peugeot 508, providing a truly glamorous Parisian design with a global marketing vocation worldwide, and with production in the factory that the group has in China.

Large flagship design and dimensions

The DS 9 has been made on the EMP2 platform of the PSA group in its maximum wheelbase splendor (2.90 m), which configures it as something more than the luxury version of the Peugeot 508, since its dimensions are much larger ( 18 cm longer and somewhat wider and higher, but with a wheelbase greater than 11 cm):

Supreme Decree 9 2021 length m Width m Height m battle m Boot liters –
  4,934 1,850 1,460 2,900 510

Its design is quite respectful of its original 508, maintaining a fairly similar front, even in its headlights with vertical daytime running lights, but not so inclined. Although it has a classic DS grille with a 3D diamond effect , particular side marker lights and symbolic classic cones on the vertices of the roof, just as the historic DS housed the rear turn signals.

This new DS 9 demonstrates the PSA group’s clear intention to compete with the most iconic German representation sedans (Audi A6, Mercedes E-class, etc.), but with a commitment fundamentally to  extreme luxury as a priority attribute  in its design and content. .

Interior of great luxury and refinement

The interior of the DS 9 is an exquisite  sampler of the most luxurious and glamorous Parisian style,  with an abundance of noble and exquisite materials, such as its “grain nappa leather” seats, its dashboard, glass controls, alcantara on the roof and on the sun visors etc.

All this special design is also expressed with the various finishes and settings called  Inspiration  and surnamed  DS Bastille ,  DS Rivoli ,  DS Opera , etc., and even with a sportier finish called  Performance Line .

Undoubtedly, when opening the door of the DS 9, the sensations that are perceived are of authentic comfort and luxury. It is easy to understand the special care that has been given to  high technology  with its fully configurable digital panel , a state-of-the-art multimedia system that is compatible with all existing mobile systems up to now.

Also noteworthy is the sensation that the  internal lighting prints,  which is shown in various shades and intensities. As well as the detail of the  quartz crystal analog clock  on the dashboard, a nod to classic luxury.

Also, in terms of sound, the DS 9 has been endowed with something truly exceptional and exquisite, such as its  Focal Electra HIFI  system that has 14 speakers throughout the cabin, embellishing the  tweeters  with very striking stainless steel grilles.

A clear commitment of the DS 9, as a good representation Premium sedan, is the passenger compartment for the rear seats, with ample space for the legs of its occupants , ventilated and heated seats , double glazing…, thus positioning its use for people distinguished.

Equipment and driving aids at the highest level

We highlight as very special content the active suspension  DS Active Scan Suspension  that includes the DS 9. It acts through a front camera that detects possible irregularities in the pavement before rolling on them, and thus configures the anticipated action of the suspension based on the detected state.

As  driving aids , the DS 9 has been provided with an extensive line in which the following stand out for their novelty:

  • Drive Assist : with level 2 autonomous driving and with several sensors that regulate the speed and the correct position in the lane, from 30 km/h to 180 km/h, always being restarted by the driver at any time.
  • Adaptive cruise control:  which is combined with  stop&start , thus facilitating circulation in traffic jams and longer stops.
  • Park Pilot : capable of searching for a parking space while driving at up to 30 km/h, and that performs the entire parking operation on its own, both entering and exiting.
  • Safety functions   that include:
    • Intelligent keyless access ( Smart Access ).
    • Driving fatigue ( Driver Attention Monitoring ).
    • Active variable lighting ( Active LED Vision ).
    • Night vision ( Night Vision ).

Plug-in hybrid powertrains

The propulsion system initially offered by the DS 9 comes from the systems already used by the PSA group in other Peugeot, Citroën and Opel models. It consists of a  1.6  PureTech  4-cylinder direct injection turbo petrol engine  generating 180 hp which is combined with an electric motor capable of generating 110 hp (80 kW) and 32.6 mkg of torque, with a total combined power 225 hp.

The system is coupled with an  8-speed EAT8 automatic gearbox  that manages the car’s front-wheel drive.

Power is provided by a  11.9 kW capacity lithium-ion battery , which provides autonomy in 100% electric mode between 40 and 50 km (WLTP), with a maximum speed in said mode of 135 km/h, which allows it to have the “Zero” environmental label from the DGT.

It also proposes  3 possible driving modes  at the driver’s choice:

  • Electric mode:  which works from the start in 100% electric mode to the maximum speed attainable with zero emissions.
  • Hybrid mode : which automatically manages the use of the two motors and the battery recharges due to friction during braking or deceleration.
  • E-Tense mode  : a sportier mode that allows the best performance of the set to be obtained by combining the use of the two engines and also affecting the steering, the accelerator pedal, the gearbox and the controlled suspension. This mode also has the  E-Save function,  which allows you to maintain the best battery charge for later use in times of need with zero emissions.

It includes a  7.4 kW on-board charger  capable of recharging the battery in an hour and a half in a  domestic Wall Box  , or in a public charging point with the cable supplied as standard.

In the near future (approximately mid-2021),  new plug-in hybrid engines  with 250 hp and 360 hp will be made available, as well as a 225 hp gasoline combustion engine, which in any case will be coupled to the EAT8 automatic transmission. of 8 relationships, thus smoothing the path of competition with the large German sedans.

The DS 9 E-Tense is marketed in two finishes ( Perfomance Line +  and  Rivoli + ) with a  price starting at €54,600.

Version CV Motor RRP
E-TENSE 225 PERFORMANCE LINE + 225 plug-in hybrid €54,600
E-TENSE 225 RIVOLI + 225 plug-in hybrid €56,500

DS 9 E-Tense 250, restyled plug-in hybrid

It is at the end of 2021, beginning of 2022 when this flagship of the DS brand has added a new E-Tense 250 plug-in hybrid version , increasing its power, with front- wheel drive and autonomy improvements .

This new variant increases the autonomy range to 61 km in the combined cycle and 70 km in the urban cycle (WLTP), thanks to its new lithium-ion battery that grows in capacity to 15.6 kW/h, capable of being charged from 0 to 100% in 2 hours and 23 minutes (with the 7.4 kW on-board charger).

Its combustion engine is the 200 hp 4-cylinder 1.6 Pure Tech gasoline engine that is combined with an 80 kW (110 hp) electric motor to obtain a combined power of 250 hp.

In terms of performance , it improves CO2 emissions up to 26 g/km , with consumption reduced to 1.1 l/100 km , being able to reach 135 km/h in electric mode and 240 km top speed.

It is offered with a “ Performance Line + ” finish from €57,850 , and in a more exclusive “ Rivoli+ ” finish from €59,750 , with already known contents that are basically:

  • Performance Line + :
    • Grille finished in Gloss Black, topped with the DS Performance Line emblem.
    • Chrome badges on the front doors with DS Performance Line branding, DS Wings and a chrome boot surround.
    • Interior in Black Alcantara.
    • 19″ Monaco Black alloy wheels are highlighted with a carmine and gold center cap.
  • Rivoli + , inspired by the Tuileries district of Paris:
    • Quality materials combined with high-end diamond-shaped moldings.
    • Three different interiors: black (grained) leather or OPÉRA with a choice of two-tone Nappa leather, highlighted with ruby ​​red or black “bracelet” upholstered seats.

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