How to choose the best electric guitar for a child?

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How to choose the best electric guitar for a child?

How to choose the best electric guitar for a child?

Today we tell you everything you need to know to choose the best electric guitar for a child so that the little ones in the home do not put limits on their talent.

Music is an art and a form of expression. Not all of us have the aptitude, disposition and sensitivity to play a musical instrument, so if your child is interested in playing the electric guitar you should support him. And to begin with, you must look for the electric guitar that best suits him/her. know more about fun board games for kids.

Benefits of playing the electric guitar in children

When a new activity is going to be introduced in the life of a child, it is very common for adults to worry about the benefits that it can bring. In the case of an electric guitar for children, the benefits are many and varied. You might be interested in card games.

It has been shown that learning to play an instrument promotes better brain performance, since to do so it is necessary to activate both cerebral hemispheres. Thus, the concentration, memory, learning and discipline of children will be improved.

Studying music is also very useful in facilitating the learning of other languages, since important characteristics of music such as pitch, timbre, intensity and rhythm are related to the variations of speech in different languages. As you can see, this hobby only brings benefits and later we will explain them in detail. Learn more about fun card games for 3.

  • Cognitive development: learning to play any musical instrument stimulates the brain and memory. It also encourages the cognitive and manual skills of the child.
  • Intelligence: music stimulates the intelligence of the little ones and favors the development of their main capacities.
  • Self-esteem: learning to play the electric guitar gives children security and self-confidence.
  • Concentration: in the process of learning to play the electric guitar, the child improves and works on his attention, concentration, patience, perseverance and perseverance.
  • Creativity: This musical instrument allows the child to develop creativity and talent. In addition, the electric guitar is the basic instrument of many compositions.
  • Fun: Learning to play the electric guitar is a lot of fun and is a good way to socialize.
  • Use of free time: a child learning to play electric guitar will always be a better use of their time than if they are watching TV or playing games on their tablet or mobile phone.

Tips before choosing an electric guitar for children

Now that you know the basics about this instrument, we are going to explain what criteria you should take into account when buying an electric guitar for children. Follow these recommendations and you will surely make an unbeatable purchase!


This is perhaps one of the most important criteria when buying an electric guitar for a child, because ensuring that the dimensions of the instrument are appropriate for the child’s height is essential for their learning and development.

There is no certain age for a child to start playing the guitar, this will depend on their aptitudes and desires. However, if a child shows interest in this musical instrument, it is key to encourage him to learn as soon as possible due to the great capacity of children to absorb knowledge.

Next, we will show you the sizes of guitars that exist and the height for which they are recommended.

  • 1/4 electric guitar: it is the smallest size of guitar and can be used by children from 4 to 5 years old, with a height of up to 110 centimeters.
  • Electric guitar 1/2: it is the children’s size and can be played by children from 5 to 6 years old, with heights of up to 125 centimeters.
  • 3/4 electric guitar: cadet size for children from 7 to 9 years old, with a height of up to 140 centimeters.
  • Electric guitar 7/8: it is the size for children or adolescents with a height of up to 150 centimeters.
  • 4/4 electric guitar: This is the normal size of a guitar and is ideal for people with a height of more than 150 centimeters.

It is important to note that these are general references and sizes may vary by manufacturer; however, they are a good guide to which electric guitar to buy.


When talking about materials, the first thing is to differentiate between children’s toy guitars and electric guitars for children who are really interested in learning to play. You must be very careful with this aspect because sometimes when the instrument is a toy it is not specified as such.

Toy guitars are generally made of plastic, although there are also wooden ones, but electric guitars will always be made of wood.

If you want your child to learn and progress properly in his playing skills, buy him a quality wooden electric guitar, which will also be much more resistant.


This is another very important aspect when buying an electric guitar for children since they instinctively feel more attracted to striking objects, so if the guitar is colored or has attractive designs on the wood of the box, it is children are more likely to like it and use it more often.

All electric guitars may look the same aesthetically to you, but the reality is that there are finishes that make a difference.
So, in this criterion it is crucial that you know the child’s tastes and that you try to hit the right design.

Beyond the electric guitar: its accessories

An electric guitar is an instrument that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to transform the vibrations of its metal strings into electrical signals. Since the emitted signal is relatively weak, it needs an amplifier to sound good.

Due to what we have just explained, for a child to be able to play the electric guitar well, it is not enough just to buy the guitar, there are also several basic accessories that are essential.

So, if your child has this passion and is really committed to learning, these are some of the accessories that you should keep in mind and that usually accompany the electric guitar.

  • Amplifier: This is a device designed to amplify the sound signal of an electric guitar so that it is reproduced through a loudspeaker or speaker. Additionally, you will also need a cable to connect the amp to the guitar.
  • Picks: They are also known as plectrums and are used to pluck the guitar strings. They can be made of plastic, wood, metal or glass. The best ones to start with are the plastic ones.
  • Strap: this accessory is used to be able to play the guitar standing up and to keep it safer, even if you play it sitting down. It is undoubtedly a very important accessory for children as it helps them take better care of their instrument.
  • Tuner: it is impossible to play if the electric guitar is not in tune, so with this accessory the child will be able to tune his guitar and produce beautiful melodies.
  • Capodastro: This accessory is used to change the tone and helps with difficult finger positions. This device comes in handy when the child levels up and starts playing more complicated melodies.
  • Case: this accessory is essential to maintain the good condition of the electric guitar.

A second-hand electric guitar: a great idea to take the first steps

Previously, there was a general belief that new was synonymous with quality and that buying something used was a bad investment, but this stigma has ended and today there are many people who, when faced with the need to buy a musical instrument for a child decides on a second-hand one, not only because it will help them save on going back to school but also because it is a sustainable way of consuming and it is the most responsible decision in relation to our planet.

If this is an option that you could consider, we invite you to look at the Cash Converters catalog of electric guitars for children, there you will find a wide variety of alternatives and designs at the best price and with an excellent guarantee.

We have reached the end of this guide to buying electric guitars for children, we hope that it will be very useful to you and that, by following these tips, you will acquire the right musical instrument for the child and that there will be more music and more talent in the world.

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