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Meaning of The Name Denis, Origin, Personality & Numerology

Meaning of The Name Denis, Origin, Personality & Numerology

Denisse is the French and feminine form of the name Dionysus, which is of Greek origin and means ” one who consecrates himself to God “. From this meaning and the origin of the name Denisse, it is possible to get to know what the personality of those women called like that is like, since it is an unusual name full of strength with powerful symbolism.

Next, we reveal the meaning and origin of Denisse, as well as the history of the name, its popularity, numerology, saints and much more. Denise is a girl’s name .

What does Denise mean?

The French name Denisse comes from the Greek culture, since it is the feminine version of the name Dionysus , God of wine according to said mythology.

It is precisely from this language that we get the best-known meaning of the name Denisse: ” he or she who consecrates himself to God “, being masculine or feminine depending on the original form of the name. The meaning of the name Denisse is also closely linked to the God Dionysus, which is why the personality of women named like this tends to be cheerful, festive and optimistic.

Origin of the name Denise

Although it is true that the female name Denisse comes from France and many claim that it is a French name , to talk about the origin of Denisse we have to go back to Greek culture. Check out more interesting articles on our FUN Blog.

This is because Denisse is the feminine version of the name Dionysus, God of fertility, life and wine according to Greek mythology. Both Dionysus and Denisse (and the more common version of her, Denise) derive their meaning from Greek culture: ” he or she who consecrates to God .”

Diminutives and variations of the name Denisse

Some diminutives of the name Denisse are:

  • Deni
  • The
  • dani (uncommon)
  • Denisie

Among the variations that should be noted of the name Denisse , these are the most popular:

  • Denise – The most usual form of the name.
  • Denis – Most common male version.
  • Dionysus : original masculine name from which all the variants of said name come.

The name Denise in other languages

Denisse is an international name that, despite having quite a few variants, cannot be translated into other languages . In practically all extant languages, Denisse is spelled either like this or with its variant Denise .

Personality of the name Denisse

If you know a Denisse, you will know that she is a pleasant, cheerful and friendly woman , always ready to meet others and make anyone laugh. The girls named like that are usually surrounded by friends, because their magnetism is contagious and few can resist Denisse’s optimism and jokes. In a nutshell, we could say that Denisse is usually the life of the party .

It is worth mentioning that this joy does not make them simple people at all; the women called Denisse live with a duality that they know how to hide well from others and that they only show to those who are worthwhile. They don’t like to be underestimated, so don’t take their affection for granted.

Celebrities named Denise

  • Denisse Guerrero : Mexican singer.
  • Denisse de Kalafe : Mexican singer and songwriter of Brazilian origin.
  • Denisse Franco : Mexican model who has won various beauty pageants.
  • Denisse Malebrán : Chilean songwriter, musician and singer pictured below.

Saint Denisse’s Day

Saint Denisse’s day is celebrated on October 12 .

Numerology Of The Name Denise

According to numerology, the number associated with the name Denisse is 3 .

Popularity of the first name Denise

There are currently 416 women named Denisse in Spain (the average age of these young women being 18.2 years). Although it is true that it is not an excessively popular name in the Spanish territory, the numbers change when we talk about the Denise variant, because then we observe that there are 1,375 women named like that.

The places in Spain with the highest number of girls named Denisse are, by far, Asturias and Salamanca .

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