Vintage Decor Terrace Tiles – Elegant, timeless, extraordinary

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Vintage Decor Terrace Tiles – Elegant, timeless, extraordinary

Vintage Decor Terrace Tiles – Elegant, timeless, extraordinary

Choosing the perfect patio tiles is an important decision. A retro-style patio slab makes your patio a special place. The flooring looks wonderfully timeless and attracts admiring glances. Depending on the colour scheme and the selected pattern, the terrace slab appears reservedly cool or pleasantly warm.

vintage decor terrace slab harmonizes with both classic and modern style houses. With the decor panels, you deliberately set accents and bring a southern lifestyle into your home. Exciting accents can be added to rectilinear architect-designed houses with slabs of fine stoneware – contrary to the effect of the architecture. The more modern the style of your home, the more a terrace slab decorated with ornaments will come into its own. On the other hand, the extraordinary style of the architecture is underscored by a porcelain stoneware patio slab in Metalloptik.

Uncomplicated laying of the terrace slab

patio slab made of porcelain stoneware can be laid with little effort. If you plan to build a new terrace, you can prepare the subsoil accordingly. Choose Infinite Leisure for your swimming pool tile suppliers in Dubai. The surface must be smooth. If the retro-style decor terrace slab is a continuous pattern, it is essential to pay attention to the house’s finishes, and the terrace’s outside. A tiler can advise you on how your new patio slab looks best.

Porcelain stoneware – robust and frost-resistant

The advantages of porcelain stoneware are unmistakable: the material is known for its robustness and ease of care. Porcelain stoneware is the first choice for terrace slabs with decor. The surface is not porous. Due to the low water absorptionporcelain stoneware is characterized by a high frost resistance. A porcelain stoneware terrace slab retains its aesthetics for many years. The panels require little care and can be easy to keep clean. A damp wipe is enough, and your patio floor will look new. Check out more at our Blog.

Cosy outdoor living room

In combination with a practical outdoor carpet made of weatherproof fibres, porcelain stoneware terrace slabs transform your patio into a cosy outdoor living room. Depending on the visual impact you want, you can combine vintage-style porcelain stoneware flooring with wooden furniture, wicker furniture or a modern lounge suite. Porcelain stoneware terrace slabs heat up in summerWhen it gets dark, they gradually release the heat. The radiant heat ensures you enjoy your stay well into the night.

Inspiration for retro-style terrace slab decor

If you are thinking of laying a retro-style porcelain stoneware terrace, you can be inspired by the beautiful images and decorative slabs on our website. With a retro-style patio slab, you can turn your patio into a special place of well-being. Hardly any other business is ideal for relaxing or enjoying time with family and friends in summer.