Which van is the most practical in city conditions – asked the professionals?

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Which van is the most practical in city conditions – asked the professionals?

Which van is the most practical in city conditions – asked the professionals?

Autumn is a period of moving, so people who are planning to buy a vehicle in order to start a business in the transport segment, have a dilemma about choosing the right light delivery vehicle. Also, anyone who has any company and the need to transport goods, larger deliveries and a general vehicle that can move quickly around the city, easily park and maintain, is in trouble. How to find a van that can satisfy many desires, especially if we take into account that it is not a small investment? In order to answer this question, we spoke with professionals who have extensive experience in this business – we spoke with the team “Stošić selidbe Beograd “.
This question is not so easy for us, they have already prepared an answer, because in their work they found a model that can satisfy many desires of even the most discerning customers – it is a Fiat Dukato 2800 cm3 diesel, also known as 2.8JTD.

When asked why they like it so much, they said the following:

First , this van is small enough, and big enough for quick maneuvering around the city, narrow streets and between cars in city crowds. Its carrying capacity is about 1500 kg, and since it is driven as a passenger car up to 3.5 tons in weight, it does not need any confirmation to enter the city. In addition, it belongs to the B category vehicles, so there is no harassment about the license. We could write a special text about the purposes for which it can be used, but let’s just say that you can use it to transport everything from furniture to drinks. Basically, if you have a  moving agency, courier service, catering or distributor of goods and beverages, this vehicle is what you are looking for. The cargo space is 3.3 m long, 1.85 m high and 1.80 m wide. Having a sliding door is the perfect solution for taking out from the side. Why do we see this as an advantage? In most cases, you open the van from behind, which is very inconvenient in the city because it means that you often have to park in reverse, and you will admit that it is often not very feasible. Interesting topic to know more about auto oglasi.

Another thing is that side loading / unloading allows the door to open more and thus pack longer things. This is something that many do not think about when buying a van and only later realize that loading and unloading through the back door is quite inconvenient, especially for bulky cargo and goods.

The third very important thing is maintenance. You know how much the parts can cost, but for this Fiat Dukat model, the parts are not expensive and are easily available. When it comes to changing a part, you can only give the vehicle chassis number to the service and they will know exactly what you need from the catalog number. Of course, here you can save and, say, instead of the original parts, order copies that are of good quality, and are imported from Turkey and Bulgaria. As it is a vehicle for transporting goods and similar things, the part that may break down first is the sliding door lock, due to frequent opening and closing. However, when you see how steady he is in driving, easy to operate, fast and agile, you will “see through his fingers” this flaw.

It is not a big consumer in city driving and you will need about 11 liters of diesel for 100 kilometers, while on the open road for the same distance it consumes 7 to 8 liters. The engine also works really well, so it will serve you well even after 400,000.

In the end, they state that today’s market is really competitive and that there are a lot of good light delivery vehicles, but for them this model is a complete success.

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