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Tips for buying second-hand laptop Over time we have become

Tips for buying second-hand laptop Over time we have become

Over time we have become more intelligent and aware consumers, which is why buying a used laptop is now a very common alternative. That is why we recommend that you pay attention to these tips to buy a second-hand laptop : what to look for, what to ask the seller, guarantees. Know more about cool lights for room.

Previously, there was a general belief that new was synonymous with quality and that buying something used was not such a good option, but this stigma has ended and today there are many people who, when faced with the need to buy a laptop, consider buy it second-hand, not only because of the savings but also because it is a sustainable way of consuming, since you will be reducing the CO2 emissions that are produced in the creation of new articles. Join the Converters Movement!

Today, in the market you will find a wide range of second-hand laptops that fit your needs without having to invest a lot of money, but to achieve this perfect match you must take into account several aspects: You might be interested in cool lights for gaming room.

Keys to choose a used laptop

The type of laptop and its components

The first question you should ask yourself is what kind of laptop do you need? You must be very clear about what you are going to use it for because that way you will know what components and specifications the computer you are going to buy must have. This is an important point regardless of whether you choose a regular laptop (with Windows or Linux) or an Apple laptop.

In this step it is important that you know two terms:

  • RAM memory: it is the main memory of a device and it is where the data is temporarily stored. It has great speed and is one of the specifications that determines the possibilities and scope of any device, in this case, the laptop.
  • Processor: It is the brain of the system because it processes and performs all the actions that occur on the laptop. The speed with which the orders you give to your computer will be executed depends on this characteristic.

Thus, you may need a laptop for basic tasks such as using email, surfing the internet, basic office work, personal finance, image sharing, among others. If this is your case, you can consider buying a second-hand laptop that has 4 GB of RAM and a processor of approx. 2GHz

If in addition to all the above features, you need to be able to run some basic creative software, manage music, perform editing or advanced office functions, you could buy a laptop with 8GB RAM and a >2GHz processor.

If you need your laptop to be able to perform all the functions that we already mentioned, but also to allow you to edit movies, photos or music, play video games, web hosting and generally more advanced functions, you can consider a laptop with 12 GB of storage. RAM memory and a processor of approx. 3GHz

Now that you are clear about what you need your laptop for and what general specifications it should incorporate, you are ready to dive into the world of second-hand market options by following our tips for choosing your second-hand laptop.

Choose a recognized brand

In the laptop market there are brands that stand out and it is precisely because of their quality, efficiency and reliability. For this reason, when buying your second-hand laptop, you should search among the options of the most representative brands.

For example, Apple and Lenovo make very durable computers. Dell, HP, Acer and Asus are very good brands that you can also consider in your search.

At Cash Converters you will find all these brands with the best deals by looking at the second-hand laptop catalogue.

Make your purchase with a trusted distributor

In the case of used laptops, trust in the seller is a key factor, since if this condition exists, you will be ensuring the quality of the product. If you are going to buy your used pc online, you should make sure to check the history of the quality products that the site has provided and the reviews of previous buyers who must have given them high marks. Of course, in our online store you can rest easy because all our products are tested by professionals and have a guarantee of origin, operation and return.

If you are not going to buy online, make sure you do it in a recognized and trustworthy site, as in any of our stores, you will be attended by experts in the category.

Check battery status

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a used laptop. The battery is one of the components of computers that wears out the most over time, which is why poor battery life is common when buying a second-hand laptop.

Before you buy, check the condition of the battery so you can determine how long it will last before you need to replace it, and factor this into your budget.

It is also important to mention the issue of the charger. Make sure that the seller includes it in the price and that it works correctly.

If you would like to use your laptop without plugging it in most of the time, look for a computer with a lithium ion battery, this may also be a specification to consider when you go to replace the battery in your old laptop.

Ask about the guarantee

It is very common to think that because it is a second-hand product you should not look for a guarantee when buying your laptop, but this is a mistake because many used laptops include a guarantee .

At Cash Converters, all our equipment has a 2-year warranty.

Check licenses and installed software

In most cases, second-hand laptops are formatted and reset to original factory settings before they are sold, which may mean that the laptop arrives without any useful software. Software licenses generally may not be copied or resold, and it is illegal to use unlicensed software.

We recommend purchasing your software with its own license, which will give you the benefit of a backup disk, technical support, and the option to purchase upgrades.

Check the physical components

Before taking the big step and buying your second-hand laptop, we recommend you review the following aspects:

  • Frame and Chassis: Check the corners for dings, cracks can be signs of a future problem. Look for other irregularities like loose hinges, warping, missing parts like screws or port covers, and cover misalignments.
  • Screen: Examine it while the laptop is on to make sure there is no damage such as blocked or dead pixels, if you find this problem do not buy this laptop, as LCD screens are expensive to repair or replace. Check that the colors are bright and stable.
  • Input Ports: Make sure the USB connections, headphone jacks, microphone, power cable inputs, and CD drive are all working properly.
  • Keyboard and mouse : these are the most used parts of a laptop, so you should check that they work correctly since a failure means inconveniences to work and it is not worth making this purchase.

We have come to the end, we hope that you will find these tips useful when you are faced with the task of buying a second-hand laptop. We are sure that if you follow all our recommendations you will make an excellent investment, save money, take care of the environment and have an efficient and quality laptop. Visit our online store and make a purchase with great savings and guarantee!

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